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Our experts harness business intelligence in a user-friendly platform to tap into and enhance the power of your people. We guide you through a customized integration to maximize the effectiveness of your organization.

the business of intelligence.

GreenScreen leverages decades of business intelligence, experience, and program knowledge to create “smart” screening logic that can be customized to screen for any program, including hospital financial assistance programs. GreenScreen builds in the categorical eligibility, income and asset qualifications and financial disregards, medical eligibility, admission, and other eligibility criteria per program as well as customized screening question scripts. The customized eligibility criteria include caveats and exceptions ascertained by industry expertise. The answers to questions, admission information, and patient information such as age, gender, citizenship, and state and county residence are tested against the built-in criteria. The system identifies all eligible and ineligible programs.


Both powerful and intuitive, our screening platform is designed so your team can move quickly. The customizable screening wizard enables you to combine multiple interviews, forms, and data collection into one interface. The screening wizard is dynamic and changes what questions are asked based on known information to obtain the most effective screening in the shortest time. Our screening is exhaustive without being exhausting. GreenScreen's business intelligence makes it powerful but its ease of use makes YOU powerful!


Our software allows you to discover eligibility programs that you didn’t even know existed. There is a plethora of programs, benefits, and funding sources available to assist people but there is a profound gap in understanding, awareness, and ability to gain access. Federal, state, and local program eligibility criteria are built in for your use. These programs are updated for you as industry changes occur so that you are always current and able to quickly adapt to changes.


By eliminating barriers, you can better serve your patients and your communities. Our platform enables you to connect your patients to the necessary coverage to get the lifesaving care they need. Adequate coverage also reduces readmission and encourages treatment at appropriate levels of care. Speedy identification of eligibility helps to facilitate discharge planning and placement of patients.


The more you use the platform, the more insights it generates. It can help introduce efficiencies and discover new opportunities. Imagine if every member of your team could make the same judgments as your most knowledgeable and experienced person. Imagine if new team members could be just as confident in their decisions as tenured team members. With our platform you can empower your team to leverage innate talents and strengths instantly.

the power of people.

Our history has shown the undeniable power that people have to accomplish, build, and create the unfathomable. What if you could leverage the power of people to improve service delivery, impact the quality of care, and promote public health and well being in your community? Well, you can. Our platform provides the tools to put knowledge into action. GreenScreen empowers people to make a difference.

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  • 3:58 minutes GreenScreen will save you time

    With GreenScreen's dynamic screening engine we can identify appropriate questions for potentially eligible programs and focus on getting the right information efficiently.

  • 1,200 DATA POINTS We collect what is necessary

    We offer actionable intelligence based on a comprehensive set of information necessary for eligibility services.

  • 20M UNINSURED INDIVIDUALS Many are still without health care coverage

    Even with all of the efforts to get people coverage, there are still millions of individuals without insurance. With recent political changes in our country, this number could increase.

  • 1 ONE VISION, ONE MISSION We are clear as to who we are

    We believe that affordable, appropriate, and accessible health care needs to be sustainable to be valuable. We are passionate in our desire to assist those in the health care industry and their patients to identify every appropriate form of eligibility service.

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