andy foland, managing partner

I have been very fortunate to have had a fulfilling career in health care for more than two decades. I have come to realize that more can be done leveraging emerging technologies for the health care industry. It was this realization that started me on the over 20-year journey to create accessible knowledge and intelligence in a tool that assists individuals and large groups to identify opportunities to ensure accessible and appropriate health care.

How did you get started in Healthcare and Eligibility Services?
When I first started to look for a career, with my degree in English Literature, I knew I wanted to help people and improve the lives of people around me but I did not know where to begin, short of becoming a teacher. I began with helping individuals suffering from various mental illnesses manage their illness and become contributing members of the community. This experience made me realize I could help a broad group of people with very little in the way other supports.
Helping people “short of becoming a teacher”, why not a teacher?
My mother was a teacher, English in fact, and my father was in the Army and worked for the Soil Conservation Service. Both dedicated their lives to the service of others. That being said they dedicated themselves through services in the public sector which are fraught with their own limitations and issues. I felt that working without the bureaucratic limitations would enable innovative approaches to helping people.
How did you go from English to Healthcare and Technology?
When I was 17, my father was hurt in an accident and was disabled as a result. The experience he had was such that I realized that there was vast room for improvement in the delivery of Healthcare as well as the various services available to assist people when they are in need. Information Technology was a blowing up in the 90s as I was getting started and the opportunities were limitless.
You mentioned your experience working with the mentally ill and your acknowledgement that Information Technology was critical to your vision. Where in your background does the Technology become a factor?
I went back to school and earned a Master’s Degree in Technology Management. The understanding of systems and how people engage and gain efficiencies was fundamental to understanding how to implement any successful solution. I also needed to be able to understand what both the Healthcare and Eligibility Services professionals and the Technology experts were dealing with and bridge the gap to maximize the opportunities.
How does the current instability in the Healthcare industry, with the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent administration change, impact your efforts?
Obviously, it has a huge impact on how healthcare is delivered and paid for. That being said change is what you make of it. This is an opportunity to help get as many people affordable and accessible Healthcare. The manner of delivery is always going to be subject to change. This dynamism can undermine a lot of effort. It is our goal to leverage the changes for the better while allowing service providers to do their job and patients to get the services and care they need.
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Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. STEVE JOBS

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