how it works.

GreenScreen leverages a sophisticated logic engine to test “known” information and responses to screening questions against all programs, including those customized for your organization. In less than 5 minutes you can generate a thorough screening summary, identify programs, and populate applications in our easy-to-use platform.

screen faster.

GreenScreen’s sophisticated logic engine constantly tests for all programs and returns results as soon as enough information has been gathered to make the determination.

find hidden benefits.

Numerous federal, state, and local benefit programs identified by experienced eligibility experts are built into the system and available for use.

3:58 average screening time


GreenScreen regularly adds newly available programs and updates eligibility requirements to ensure you are leveraging the most current information.


Screening scripts, programs, and applications are fully customizable to enable the GreenScreen tool to be your one-stop shop for benefits eligibility.

avoid unnecessary

Millions of uninsured individuals are actually eligible for benefits to cover medical debt but are unaware such programs exist. GreenScreen's tools alleviate this financial burden.

improve patientexperience.

Instead of countless representatives asking the same questions, GreenScreen leverages gathered information and responses to streamline processes and improve the patient experience.


Far too often, lifesaving care is forgone or unavailable due to a lack of coverage. GreenScreen facilitates the acquisition of benefits and coverage that changes and saves lives.

a human-centered approach.

GreenScreen is designed to make screening for benefits easy for both the provider and the patient. It leverages one screening script to determine eligibility for countless programs. In short, it's a win, win.

key features & functionality

The key to an effective user experience is to never overwhelm with too many choices. By breaking up content entry into manageable sections, users can easily navigate the platform with minimum experience and technical skills.

mitigate risk

Using a dynamic wizard-based screening tool, GreenScreen only asks necessary questions to accurately determine all potential eligibility programs, reducing the risk of exposure of patient information.

act faster

GreenScreen will quickly and accurately identify potential eligibility programs. Users can download and print pre-populated applications directly from GreenScreen without extensive training.

great visibility

With the ever-changing world of health care finance GreenScreen ensures that ALL available programs are identified for potential eligibility services.


GreenScreen was designed using a secure reactive framework which enables a rich user experience on mobile devices, laptops, and huge monitors.


All data moves through channels that are encrypted with multiple application security layers, providing the highest level of trust and authentication available to modern browsers.


GreenScreen can be customized with any company logo and name as well as modified to match the clients terminology. GreenScreen adapts to existing processes and dramatically reduces training requirements.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic.
arthur c. clarke

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