GreenScreen is smart, so you can be effective. Our screening platform allows hospitals to make informed decisions quickly, recover and generate revenue, and better serve their patients and their communities. In short, everyone wins.

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our vision.

We are driven by the fundamental belief that knowledge is power, but wisdom, the application of knowledge, can change the world. It is our mission to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged and to promote good judgment by harnessing the power of intellect and insight. It is our vision to be the engine and catalyst to empowerment and prosperity across the globe.

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the platform.

GreenScreen is a fully customizable logic engine that enables identification of eligibility and collection of data in a dynamic user-friendly interface. A person with little to no knowledge of eligibility programs and benefits can screen and identify eligibility for any program with consistency and accuracy. GreenScreen leverages “known” information and dynamic screening questions, tests eligibility criteria, populates the necessary forms, and allows the documents to be printed or saved electronically. A screening summary is generated on demand and whenever there is a change in eligibility. GreenScreen never stops thinking and uses incoming information to update eligibility.

Project Manager

GreenScreen was engineered to reach decisions as quickly and accurately as the most experienced eligibility service professionals. As information is gathered, GreenScreen’s dynamic screening logic tests criteria and moves programs from “Needs More Information” to “Eligible” or “Ineligible.” Clicking on “Apply” takes the user to the populated application and forms as well as instructions to apply for the program.


Flexibility and customization were key components that guided our development. Each wizard is a customized grouping of ordered questions that can be as broad or narrow as the client desires. The wizard guides the user through the interview, which is tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Managing Partner

The ability to share information and insights across the platform is another unique characteristic. “Screening Summaries” include the person’s demographic and household income/asset information as well as answers to all questions and screening results. New admissions trigger a separate “Screening Summary” that leverages all known information but incorporates the new information gathered from the new admission.

PMO Director

Time is a valued commodity so we looked for all opportunities to save time in our screening. When “Hide irrelevant questions” is selected, the smart screening logic omits questions based on defined parameters such as age, gender, and other “known” information.

Project Manager

GreenScreen has the flexibility to perform targeted program screening.  Simply click any program listed under “Needs More Information” to launch a special screening wizard to collect the necessary information to determine eligibility for that specific program.  This gives the user the ability to target programs as needed.

why use our platform?


Both powerful and intuitive, our screening platform is designed so your team can move quickly.

recover revenue.

Our software allows you to discover eligibility programs that you didn’t even know existed, with little to no additional staff training.

provide better care.

By eliminating barriers, you can better service your patients and your communities.

instant expertise.

The more you use the platform, the more insights it generates. It can help introduce efficiencies and discover new opportunities.

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